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Quarterly Results, Biogen & Conference Planning

The PharmaTell Team has been busy curating Quarterly Results reports & upcoming conference planners + keeping up with Biogen next steps.

Quarterly Results

Time flies! It seems like we just finished reviewing all of the 2021 Annual Results and now it’s time for Quarterly Updates. We have been curating the reports and transcripts in the Company Catalogue. From the dashboard, select the Company section and then you can search for specific companies to see the latest research. You can also focus on the Earnings Call Transcripts by adding Transcript in the search box in the upper right.

Conference Planning

Several of our partners have previewed upcoming conferences – providing titles of some of the abstracts and posters to be presented. It’s a great preview of what to look out for in the coming weeks – and for planning your days if you are attending. We are sharing some planners ASCO, ASGCT, and ERA (click on conference name). You can also use the Therapeutic Area Intel catalogue to search by disease/therapy area or conference name to find more.

Biogen is Moving-On

While not unexpected – the Biogen Results Call focused on the next steps for the company to move-on after the Aduhelm debacle. With sales less than ~5% of original forecasts, and Medicare coverage denial, the company is basically shelving the product, downsizing the commercialization staff, and transitioning the CEO to re-focus on near-and mid-term strategy.

The company is expecting Phase 3 data for lecanemab in AZD in the fall of 2022, and has a rolling NDA for zuranolone in MDD – but is still in need of additional late-stage products to ramp up revenues. Some researchers postulate that Biogen might focus on BD deals – perhaps in rare-disease assets in FTD, ALS, or lysosomal storage disorders. Others wonder if the company may be open to a potential acquisition from a larger player.

The new CEO will have many challenges to face but also the opportunity to create a new vision and strategy for Biogen. It is certainly worth watching closely as the selection is made and changes are implemented. A few reports of interested can be found here, here, and here.

Tip of the Week

This week’s tip is a reminder to our new(ish) users that help is easily accessible on the PharmaTell Studio Dashboard. We have included an Introduction Video that provides an overview of all the functionality available in Studio. We also have a Presentation with screen shots and mark-ups to walk you through some of the search options. And as always – please send a note to the Helpdesk with any other questions you may have.

If you haven’t activated your PharmaTell Studio account and can’t access the links or if you are interested in a free trial of PharmaTell, please send us an email to and we will be happy to assist you.


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