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Syndicated Alerts

Essential Reports in Your Inbox

Current Competitive Intel Delivered Directly To You

We do the work so you can focus on the insights. The PharmaTell team curates current research & reports to provide you with a snapshot of intel from the previous two weeks. Reports are selected to give you the latest corporate or sector reports, with insights from various experts. Provided twice a month - these alerts allow you to keep current without the hassle of weeding through numerous emails or websites. Syndicated Alerts come to your email and link directly to your secure alert mailbox on PharmaTell Studio, so that you can quickly scan the reports and view or download those of interest to you. Simple, Secure, and Accessible 24/7.

We make it easy to keep eyes on you and your competition.


Premium Intelligence Monitor

  • The PIM Alert covers the Global Market View, delivering up to 25 reports to your personal email.

  • Reports include:

    • Major Pharma 

    • SMID Cap BioPharma 

    • MedTech 

    • Current Market Intel from the Industry Intel and Therapeutic Categories.

  •  Alerts are sent twice monthly.


Bleeding Disorders Monitor

  • The BD Monitor contains 15 - 20 of the latest reports covering the development of bleeding disorder therapies, such as:

    • Hemophilia A & B + Inhibitors​

    • Sickle Cell Disease

    • von Willebrand Disease

    • Other Factor related conditions

  • Reports may focus on companies, congress proceedings, or therapeutic / disease areas.

  • Alerts are sent twice monthly​.


Generics & Biosimilars Monitor

  • The G&B Monitor includes 10 - 15 reports on companies manufacturing Generic or Biosimilar products.

  • Coverage includes:

    • Sector commentary

    • Regulatory updates

    • Pricing trends and tracking

    • Company / Product specific analyses.

  • Alerts are sent twice monthly.


MedTech Monitor

  • The MedTech Alert covers the latest news and views from the MedTech Device sector. Alerts will typically contain 15-20 reports from the previous two weeks.

  • Reports include:

    • Major MedTech Companies​

    • Emerging Companies

    • Sector Reviews

    • Therapeutic Area Updates

  • Alerts are sent twice monthly​.


Genetic Medicines Monitor

  • The CGT Monitor helps you keep up with the latest new on trial results, product approvals, & reimbursement trends for Cell and Gene Therapies.

  • The 15 - 20 Reports cover a range of topics, including:

    • Company-specific updates​

    • Disease-specific updates

    • Conference planners & insights

    • Regulatory updates

  • Alerts are sent twice monthly.


CRO Tracker

  • The CRO Tracker includes 10 -15 reports to help you keep your eyes on  the Clinical Research Organization Sector.

  • Coverage Includes:

    • Major Global CROs

    • Specialty and Emerging CROs

    • Sector-level tracking and trend reports.

  • Alerts are sent twice monthly.


Plasma Therapeutics Tracker

  • The PT Tracker covers the procurement and processing of plasma for therapeutic proteins + firms in the same disease areas.

  • Alerts will typically contain 15 - 20 reports from the previous two weeks.

  • Topics covered include:

    • Plasma Donation / Collection​

    • Plasma Therapeutics & their BioPharma equivalents.

    • Alerts are sent twice monthly.


Healthcare Services Updates

  • The HCS Monitor provides you with 10-15 reports covering numerous topics in the Healthcare Services Sector, including:

    • Hospitals

    • Labor & Staffing​

    • Distribution

    • PBMs & Retail Pharmacies

    • Diagnostics

    • Managed Care / Payers

  • Alerts are sent twice monthly.


Diabetes & Obesity Monitor

  • The DO Monitor covers multiple aspects of Diabetes & Obesity care.

    • Sector / Therapeutics Coverage including Congresses, Tracking, Regulatory Updates

    • Company Coverage for BioPhama & MedTech firms involved with therapeutics and devices to manage patients

  • Alerts are sent twice monthly.

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