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About PharmaTell Studio

Healthcare Strategic Intel at your Fingertips
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Discover the Power of PharmaTell Studio


For 20 years, we've been helping healthcare clients stay ahead of their competition. Our proprietary database, PharmaTell Studio, delivers up-to-date insights on the global healthcare sector, empowering you to make smarter decisions.


PharmaTell Studio is our cloud-based solution that gives you access to strategic intelligence 24/7. You can search, view, and download research and insights from healthcare analysts at many of the top brokerage houses around the globe. Reports cover topics ranging from global market evaluations to product-specific clinical data and launch timings. With over 200,000 reports in the database, you can be confident you can access current & historical intel related to your business needs whenever and wherever you need it.

Curated Content for Simply Accessible Intel

Reports in PharmaTell Studio are curated into four catalogs (or libraries) which are highlighted on the landing page. Each catalog includes drop-down menus and logical search boxes to facilitate searching, sorting, viewing, and downloading reports with the intel you need to inform your business decisions.

Search Tags

As our specialists curate reports, they add keywords (or tags) to further simplify your searches. These tags can be used to search within catalogs, to create personalized alerts, or during a keyword search of the entire database. 

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