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FDA Approvals, Transcripts & Conferences

This week, the team has been looking at congress planners, earnings call transcripts, and the US FDA.

US FDA Tracking

The Vantage / Evaluate newsletter regularly tracks the US FDA activities – providing updates on Approvals, CRLS, extensions, and more. This week, they provided an analysis of the FDA Approval record through the COVID Pandemic. In fact, their findings show that the average US review times showed no signs of dipping – and the absolute number of novel drugs approved in the US actually increased slightly during the pandemic. See the article here or here.

Earnings Call Transcripts

Some of our clients mentioned that they are interested in learning what is said in the corporate Earnings Calls but aren’t always able to listen in or need a translation. We are now including English transcripts of some of the calls in the database (you can use your own translation service to convert to your language). Search under the company name and add the keyword transcript in the search box. A sample transcript can be found here.

Please note that there are other transcripts available in the database – so feel free to do a general search for Transcripts and see what else might be useful to you. We hope these are helpful – let us know if there is a specific company you are interested in and we will see if we can locate a transcript.

Tip of the Week

So much intel comes out of healthcare conferences – but it can be difficult to keep track of them all, let alone who is presenting and what data might be posted. Whether you attend in person or track them virtually – having a planner makes it better. The easiest way to find planners is to do a general search: “Conference Acronym (e.g. AACR) + Planner.” A sample can be found here.

If you haven’t activated your PharmaTell Studio account and can’t access the links or if you are interested in a free trial of PharmaTell, please send us an email at and we will be happy to assist you.


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