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Eyes On - Reviews & Previews for BioPharma & MedTech

We've had Eyes On – Lists – you know, the Top 10 Lists, The Hot Trend Lists, the Prediction Lists ….

They are always an interesting read – reminding you of the year’s highlights and helping you remember some of the key events that occurred early in the year (to me it seems like 2022 was a really, really, long year). Plus – the predictions, catalyst lists, and high hopes for 2023 are a great way to start the new year on an optimistic note! It seems like the New Year is going to be really busy!

Let’s take a look at some I have found for the BioPharma & Life Sciences Sectors!!


Deals are picking up – the last quarter seemed to be particularly active. A review of deals from BioPharmaDive can be found here – plus they have a great database with summary tables that show activity since 2018.

JP Morgan’s DealForma summaries are a great way to track deal & funding activity by quarter for both Biopharma & Medtech. Here are links to the 3Q22 Biopharma & MedTech presentations: Biopharma and MedTech.


BioPharmaDive also have a great summary on Biotech IPOs since 2018 – as we know, 2022 was not a good year for Biotechs to go public. BioTech IPO


2023 Outlook

Evaluate Vantage always have great research & opinion pieces and their 2023 Preview & Wildcard Predictions are the latest examples. The Preview contains analyses from 2022 data to set the context for 2023. It covers some of the promising pipeline projects, clinical catalysts, and results from KOL surveys about the market, IPOs and M&A Activity. The Wildcard Predictions covers results from a survey of readers – definitely will need to check back on this one at the end of the year! 2023 Preview and 2023 Wildcard Predictions.

Deloitte has also posted a note on the 2023 Outlook for Life Sciences on their Health Forward Blog – highlighting that Inflation, Talent, and AI are the top issues for both BioPharma & MedTech. 2023 Outlook for Life Sciences

And as always, PharmaTell subscribers can find the latest reviews, research and forecasts in the database by searching for phrases such as: Preview 2023, Outlook 2023, Review 2022, M&A in 2022. A few links to some of recent publications in the database are here, here, here and here.

Which lists would you recommend, I’d love to read them!

Happy New Year!

~ Robin

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