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Eyes On Pharma Blog 

Industry Intel

This week the team had Eyes on Intel – Biotech Industry Intel that is. With over 100K reports in the database, we know some of the sector-specific or global reports can be missed. Today we’ll share some of the types of reports available that can help you keep your Eyes on Pharma Sectors.

  1. Industry Intel: PharmaTell Studio holds a broad range of reports covering the Healthcare Industry, from company-specific analyses to managed care – and everything in between. You can search these types of reports in the Industry Intel Catalogue. There are 24 different categories to search – with the ability to further refine the searches to find the specific topic you are interested in. Some examples from last week include Healthcare China – SEC Issues, Animal Health sector updates, and Japan Pharma Updates. Clients can see these samples here.

  2. Product & Disease Area Intel: The Therapeutic Area catalogue contains research covering 55+ broad areas & 100’s of specific disease areas. The reports in this catalog cover current treatments, developing therapies, trending research, and conference coverage. This week there are several reports covering the AACR abstracts, Hemophilia A trial data, and COVID tracking.

Tip of the Week

Searching the Therapeutic Area Intel & Industry Intel catalogs is just as easy as the Company searches. Click the Catalogue of interest, select the Sector / TA from the drop-down list, and click search! If there is an area you’d like to track – you can always set up a search in your Personal Alerts.

As always, you can send a message to with questions and we will be happy to help!


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