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AACR Updates & CAR-T Overview

This week the team has been enjoying the spring holidays and keeping their eyes on some of the recent news from AACR and learning a bit more about CAR-T.

AACR 2022

The data coming out of the AACR conference was mixed – with some Biotechs seeing their valuations fall. But some of the data and technology presentations were impactful – perhaps even the key new developments influencing cancer treatment over the next few years.

Some of these new technologies and mechanisms include cytokine therapeutics, novel checkpoint and other immuno-oncology (I-O) targets such as TIGIT and the adenosine pathway, cell therapy, the DNA damage targets, and novel inhibitors of the RAS signaling pathway. There are numerous reports in the database that cover the stories from the conference and potential impacts on the companies active in the Oncology area. Clients can find them here, here, and here.

CAR-T Overviews

As we were reading through all of the AACR information – we started looking for some more information on Cell Therapy to gain a better understanding of the therapies on the market and in development. We found a series of articles from BioPharmaDrive and thought we would share them for those interested.

Some tidbits that we had eyes on include the fact that there are now multiple CAR-T cell therapies on the U.S. market for several types of leukemia, lymphoma and multiple myeloma. Studies have begun to support their use as earlier treatments rather than las late stage options. These new studies will help with acceptance and uptake which is a bit slow. Various companies are also testing different improvements such as “off-the-shelf” options and different types of immune cells.

For more details visit the Trendline article here. There are several links at the end to previous articles that may also be of interest.

Tip of the Week

We have upgraded the Personal Alerting Services: Alerts are a powerful tool in PharmaTell Studio which will help you to stay updated on new reports that match your interest profile. What’s new:

  1. You can select multiple companies, categories, activities in one alert to reduce the number of email notifications you receive.

  2. There are now drop-down menus to simplify setting up searches.

  3. You can specify which analysts you would like to see.

  4. You can still filter by additional search terms such as “Tracking” or “Results Calls”.

  5. You are still able to select daily or weekly notifications.

If you haven’t activated your PharmaTell Studio account and can’t access the links or if you are interested in a free trial of PharmaTell, please send us an email at and we will be happy to assist you.


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