INTRODUCING PharmaTell MarketSnaps

Snapshots of the current products & late-stage pipelines of select disease areas.

Our latest offering helps you keep The PharmaTell Advantage. For select disease areas, we can gather data from a variety of public sources and condense it into a snapshot of the current and expected market. The Excel based tables contain information on currently marketed products and those in late stage development. The lists are se archable and sortable, and provide information such as sales estimates, forecast trends, launch dates (estimates where possible), and mechanism of action.

Our Pharma and BioTech clients find MarketSnaps useful when scanning for new product opportunities, and considering therapeutic area expansions. Consulting firms like them because they can quickly learn about a new disease area before meeting with clients.

We currently have sample MarketSnaps for the following areas – showing the types of details we can get for both common and rare disease categories:

  1. Type 1 Diabetes
  2. Type 2 Diabetes
  3. Hemophilia A + Inhibitors
  4. Hemophilia B
  5. Von Willebrand disease

PharmaTell MarketSnaps are still in development and we would appreciate it hearing your feedback!

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