Eys on Pharma Tracking Data

This week the Eyes on Pharma team tracked down some tracking data for a client. We found several different types of intel so we thought we would share some with you – and tips on how to find it.

  1. Types of Therapeutic or Disease Area tracking data that may be covered in Pharma Tell Studio include:

    a. Diabetes
    b. Obesity
    c. AutoImmune / Rheumatoid
    d. Ophthalmology
    e. New Product Launches
    PharmaTell clients can see examples herehere.

  2. Sector or Industry Intelligence tracking data covers areas such as:

    a. Generics
    b. Generic Pricing
    c. Biosimilars
    d. Specialty Pharma
    e. Healthcare Services (Staffing Levels)
    f. Distribution Locations (Long Term Care, Mail Order etc)
    g. Hospitals Patient Volumes
    h. Surgical Volumes
    PharmaTell clients can see examples here & here.

  3. There are also other types of tracking data such as:

    a. NRx and TRx tracking for Top Selling Products
    b. Rx or Sales Trends for Top Companies
    c. Special Events (COVID)
    d. Regional Tracking (eg. Hong Kong or Japan)
    PharmaTell clients can see examples here & here.

Tip of the Week

Finding tracking data specific to your needs may take a few tries to find the right combination of search terms – but once you’ve found them you can set up an alert to automatically search for the trackers and send you an email with the results. 

Here are a few search suggestions.
In the Company catalogue, select your company of interest and then in the search box add in “Rx Tracker” or “Weekly Data”.

b. In the Industry Intelligence or Therapeutic Area catalogues, select the area of interest and then type “Tracker” or “Weekly” or “Monthly” into the search box.
c. In the General Search function you can type in a series of Key Words specific to your needs.
d. If you are looking for a specific data type include that as a keyword in your search.

As always, you can send a message to info@pharmatell.com with questions and we will be happy to help.

What were you keeping your eyes on this week? Feel free to comment or drop us a note on the Pharma Intel you are tracking.  ‘Til next time – Robin

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