R&D Trends, Earnings & ASCO-GU

The Eyes on Pharma team got caught up in reviewing global R&D trends, following the updates from ASCO-GU, and of course watching the earnings come through. See below for more details from the week ending 20 Feb 22.

  1. ICYMI

    This is actually publicly available but we don’t want you to miss it! Our favorite tidbit from the week is from The IQVIA Institute for Human Data Science. Their Global Trends in R&D Overview Through 2021 is live on their website. Check it out to see the trends in new drug approvals, R&D pipeline growth, clinical trial activity and more. “Back in the day” as they say – I would have loved to have this Intel on my desktop! It’s copyrighted so we can’t share details – but the links above will easily get you to your own copy of R&D Trends through2021.

  2. ASCO-GU

    Lot’s of Intel was shared at the ASCO-GU conference this week with data presentations from early to late stage trials. As noted in Friday’s Vantage note from Evaluate – Prostate Cancer Parps are moving to Front-line with full Zejula data presented from the MAGNITUDE study. Our PharmaTell subscribers can find all the details in PharmaTell Studio by searching the TA Catalogue for Oncology and ASCO-GU. We’ve also selected a few reports here, here, and here.

  3. It’s Earnings Season

    Companies are reporting both quarterly and yearly earnings & results and updating guidance for CY 2022. There are quite a few positive stories – and lots of high expectations for 1H22 with data catalysts expected for many companies. Some sectors such as medical devices are still facing headwinds from COVID with lower patient volumes expected in the near term. Overall, most folks agree that 2022 will be an interesting year for the healthcare sector in terms of development milestones and fluctuating market dynamics.

  4. Tip of the Week

    If you find yourself always searching for the same companies or disease areas – set up a personalized alert to automatically search for you – it will send results directly to your mailbox.

What were you keeping your eyes on this week? Feel free to comment or drop us a note on the Pharma Intel you are tracking. ‘Til next time – Robin

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